Delfina Delettrez

In between two fashion shows, during the presentation of her 7th jewelry collection, I interviewed Delfina Delettrez. Throughout my interview, I discovered a young woman oriented towards references from the past, and who loves certain dark symbols. Her creative world revolves around films, anatomy, insects or books (“The Wasp factory” by Lain Banks for the last collection) and every collection launch is an event with a specific mise-en-scène. This season, the jewelry paraded with a mechanic movement on a gigantic green machine that sat in the middle of the show room. In parallel, white blouses hung from one wall with long necklaces fitted with glossed organs (mouths, eyes) and brooches in the shape of insects. Ambiance!

- What were your inspirations for the winter collection? My inspiration came from seeing this machine, which came from an old shoe factory from the 50s. I love its green color because it’s the same as my jewelry.

- Could you describe your winter collection? The collection revolves around movement; nothing is static! Everything moves, the fringed metal becomes almost liquid and the colors change. There are also big robotic bracelets, neon lacquers and insects.

How would you describe your universe? Anatomy is always involved and this time it’s a collection where everything is evolving, everything changes shape, color…

- What is your style at the moment? I like to play with my style and I change all the time, like an actress changes role.

- Do you have a fashion obsession? Flannel because that material reminds me of touching my mother as a child. I like classic materials for menswear.

What are your 3 basic items? My Sisley cream, my new Anna handbag by Fendi and socks because I am obsessed with colored socks, I buy them everywhere.

- Do you have a good shopping plan? Vintage markets or cheap shops in Italy where everything is 1€ because I like to wear things that have already been worn and I like the smell of mothballs.

Do you have a dream collaboration? This time around no, I preferred to focus on my jewelry and my work.

- What is your jewelry tip for this season? Remain minimal with one or two large items.

- What is your favorite stone or your favorite material? Rubies because that stone makes me feel good, it’s like a lucky charm. I also like non-polished, if not oxidized, silver mixed with diamonds or precious stone.

- Precious stones or basic jewelry? Precious stones because I like their weight but sometimes you can find some well made not precisous jewelry which  is fun to mix and match.

Portrait David Atlan