Sonia Sieff

From the Sieff family of photographs, I’d like to present you the daughter Sonia. I went to meet her in her studio apartment from her youth. It’s in this artsy apartment that her father, Jeanloup Sieff, passed on to her the essence of photography.I discovered a determined hard worker with an intense energy and rare honesty. She likes to capture the personality of her subjects and to surround herself with creative people. Her images are both extremely feminine and very charismatic at the same time.

A girl and style worth following.




What has been your career path?

It hasn’t always been about photography. The passion started when I was 16/17. Before that I loved letters, novels but its too hard for me to write and photography is a type of writing without words, visual writing.

How did you decide to become a photographer, and more specifically for fashion? I really like portraits, nudity and fashion, for me all 3 come together. Fashions photos are more complicated than portraits, which is the basis for photography. For a fashion photo, you must compose everything with a mixture of talents from a team so for the photo to be good, the team must be good!

Is talent for photography genetic? It’s a family thing. It’s spontaneous. My father was above all a craftsman and I followed in his footsteps. A photographer must invest himself in the touch ups, the casting, and all the different steps until the end.

What are your inspirations for the photos? Everything, I get inspired by travels, in the streets, expositions, books when I drink my morning coffee… One must take the time to cultivate oneself, to read, otherwise I don’t understand where one can get their brainpower.

Are you more into color or black & white? It depends. In fashion, color is more difficult than black & white, so I find it very interesting.

What is your favorite book of photos? The book "Les Indiscrètes" (My father's unpublished photos)

Are you interested in filming? I started taking photos as an onset photographer and I love cinema. I have no problems with the 45 people on set and the money in play, I find it stimulating. Since we are dealing with moving images, the team doesn’t have time to focus on details but the technique is very accurate and we have a much better budget! In fact, I just did a video clip for DJ Cam.

How important are the clothes in your photos? I really love clothes but it’s mainly about meeting with a stylist who will provide a stimulating mix, this is all the finesse of a fashion shoot.

What is the ideal outfit when shooting? A blouse, french pleat, jeans and ballerina pumps! Couldn’t be more plain and simple but I’m not there to look good. To work I need practical clothes that can handle the rain and that aren’t too fragile.

What are your 3 basic items? My perfecto Balenciaga, a Neutrogena lip balm and a good book in my handbag.

Do you have a fashion remix? At the moment, I’m trying to buy things in that mindset; thinking that everything can be worn again! For me clothing must be worn, washed and the older it gets the more patina it has (like my Balenciaga perf, I wear it non stop, the color is fucked but totally unique).

How was the shoot for the winter campaign Les Petites ? Déborah, the PR contacted me and we got along great. We wanted a group of girls, a little like the famous photo by Lindberg from the 90s. So we chose a selection of models we had liked in the past few seasons. It’s a powerful but sweet photo, the girls aren’t agressive.

What are your future projects? Do you have a dream collaboration? There are a few but I won’t mention them until they are done. I would like to work for Vogue and I’m willing to wait my turn.

 Do you have a food obsession? Chaï tea soya latte every morning.

 What is your means of transport? A scooter and walking.

After this interview, what is your next appointment? I will walk to the lab to print a portrait of an astronomer that I took; it’s pretty exciting because I lit up his face as the different phases of the moon.

Portrait : Jeff Dunas