I have a real addiction for lip balms, in fact I am constantly in search for THE ONE. Which would moisturize without being too oily and with a slight shine and for some of them, a raspberry or caramel color. After a multitude of tests, here is my top 6!

Let me give you, my organic trick: coconut oil is great because in contact with air it becomes compact, it's ideal to put it in a small pot, et voilà, a nourishing balm with ultra light texture and natural coconut fragrance.

- Shea butter moisturising Lip balm L’Occitane

- Superbalm moisturising gloss (Ginger or Rootbeer), Clinique

- Organic Antioxydant gloss Intelligent Nutrients (ABC Kitchen, NY)

- Lip balm « Rouge Coco » Chanel

- Chapped and damaged lips Kelyane HD by Ducray

- Chubby Stick moisturising lip colour balm 15 de Clinique