Holidays are synonymous with travel, sun, healthy food, specific looks for each destination, accessories and gold jewelry in order to twist a casual style. During my vacation trip I took memories of all my stops with photographs for LoveGold, in order to join the yellow gold jewelry community.

This summer I went to Comporta in Portugal, a chic but still unknown destination as it is a natural protected area therefore the tourist infrastructure is not massive. I enjoyed the hotel pool and my wooden deck, I took 70's style pictures with my Chanel watch and my Repossi ring.

Then I went to the Copenhagen Fashion Week for the CIFF exhibition of Malcolm McLaren and Virgil Abloh. In Copenhagen the reign of sportswear is at its height, lucky me I had everything planned, embroidered Barbara Bui sweatshirt, Dior by Raf Simons sneakers and Cartier jewelry!

Danish fooding is amazing, I acutally found a new spot for lunch "Atelier September" where I tasted a delicious lemonade and the best avocado tartine ever.

Back to Paris for a short stop and a major suitcase makeover for several stops in Brittany: stripes tees, short, my We Are Handsome swimsuit, a leopard K-Way, some Vans and my classic Dinh Van and Aimée Aimer bangles, mini Cartier Tank watch and ring, plus my lip ring MHT. First stop to North of Brittany in the harbor of Cancale, then I headed south to the peninsula of Saint-Pierre Quiberon where I stayed at some friends house, the village looks like a postcard and the beaches are awesome. I ended the trip in the Finistère to join my friend Edwina in her secret paradise. A magic summer under the spell of a golden sun!