Edwina – La Contrie

How did you start your brand ?

I was mesmerized by the leather craft after making a custom bag with a leather craftsman, I followed all the steps of production: smell, materials, sewing and in the end passion won and I started my label, La Contrie in 2011.

How would you describe your designs (any references)?

I would say that La Contrie is a chic and contemporary craft workshop. Im inspired by the Savile Row tailors in London where my mother used to do custom outfits and also French houses like Charvet and Hermes.

What is your most iconic piece over season?

The St Roch bag! It is a 24 hours bag that can do it all: soft or hard, day and night, traveling or city And In addition it is a unisex bag.

What is your next project ?

Something very close to my heart that I'm keeping secret for! 

I am working on a surprise collaboration which will allow me to create a very feminine piece.

That's all I can say for now !  

How would you describe your own/personal style?

Timeless "with a little twist." If I wear women's clothes I wear loafers or sneakers. If I wear something a bit sexier like  a tight top the bottom  will be a bit loose etc.

Could you name 3 basics of your own wardrobe?

Any fashion addiction ?

- My Celine coat cut like a long blazer.

- My Zara capris with a satin band on the side.

- My ultra flat Chanel derbies

Right now, I'm addicted to earrings. I fell for Repossi and Delfina Delettrez.

Could you give me a fashion tip?

Avoid total look and logos "less is more".

Could you give one fashion website ?

I follow perfect for fashion news.

Name one of your favorite addresses in Paris ?

Yaya store for its colorful choice (55 Rue Montmartre  75002 Paris)