Lou Lesage

I met Lou Lesage at her concert at the Jalouse Rocks Festival diner at Fidélité. Since then, I’ve played her EP repeatedly, impatiently waiting for her album. I can already feel the track entitled Dirty Looks will be a Hit. Its release is expected in September. In the meantime Lou is acquainting herself with the stage. Music lover from father to daughter, (Lou is the daughter of Peter and Gil from the band Ultra Orange) for her, music is above all a family affair. Lou is also a comedian and has been a cinema buff since her childhood. Her culture is a mix of rock and Nouvelle Vague aesthetics which comes through in her sophisticated style, albeit subtly. During the interview, Lou gave me the impression of being a ‘Loulita’ because she has a doll-like face and an awesome personality. She is a true Hit girl!!!

- How did you work on your album?

Ever since I was little, I’ve had a great love for cinema.
At the age of five, I would watch videos: Pierrot le fou, Une femme est une femme, La nuit du chasseur and I loved it, it was like watching cartoons! Then I loved to sing, Pierre would listen to me sing in my room, he liked my voice and we started making songs together. Without even noticing it, because it felt more like a game, I ended up with an album.

- What is your connection with music, cinema and fashion?

The common ground between music and cinema is interpretation.

Fashion influenced me alot, I adored Anna Karina’s style because I found her so simple but yet so classy. I like the idea of putting some clothes on, not really caring about it but yet when someone looks at you they find you chic. That’s style!

- Do you have a definition for your universe?

Rock! I was already an Elvis fan very young but rock isn’t just a style it’s a lifestyle and my way of life with my parents is pretty rock’n’roll.

- What is your style at the moment?

I like to combine things like a jean jacket with a rather chic dress and I don’t like to be OTT. I change alot, I like to vary from Biba to rock styles because I don’t like to be categorized.

- A fashion house that you love?

I truly love Chloé because it’s a mix between baby dolls, 70’s and dancers…I attended several shows of theirs.

- Do you have a fashion obsession?

I really like hats but unfortunately I don’t have many because I can’t seem to find any that really suit me.

- What are your three fashion basics?

A hat, boots and a jacket.

- Do you have a good shopping plan?

I love the vintage boutique « La Jolie Garde-robe » and the Thomsen shirts, which are trippy and poetic, there is always a former look that I like alot.

- What are your future artistic projects?

The album will be released in September and I have some projects in cinema.