Monica – Sea NY

When did you start your brand?

 Sean, my best friend and partner, started the brand 6 years ago and I joined full-time 3 years ago.

How would you describe Sea NY?

We hope Sea is charmingly grounded, and perhaps, modestly provocative.  

What is the most iconic piece over season?

You can always find a statement Jumpsuit or two in each collection.  And definitely a bit of leopard. 

What is your next project (pop up store, collab…)?

Our next project is opening a shop-in-shop in Isetan at the end of June and then a pop-up shop with Isetan in August. 

How would you describe your own style?

At the moment it’s working girl! Jeans, tshirt and white golden goose sneakers. There’s no choice because I’m trapped in super hot NY factories trying to finish our latest collection. But I wish I was going out on the town, and if so, I’d probably be wearing an easy jumpsuit with a revealing back detail. 

 Could you name 3 basics of your own wardrobe?

Leather pants, grey t-shirt, my dad’s jean jacket from the 60's

 Could you give me a fashion tip?

It’s definitely cliché, but I think it’s best to dress in a way that you feel like you. An outfit that makes me feel happy always gives me a better day!

Could you give your online favorite destination?

I love Tumblr, Ive pinned a lot onto my pinterest page from there.

 One of your favorite addresses in NYC?

 Jack’s Wife Freda on Lafayette St. fun for sitting outside for some rose and people watching.