Sofia Coppola

I bumped into Sofia Coppola at the Cruise fashion show by Luis Vuitton for which the show-room had been transformed into a spring-time 'Cafe de Flore'. The collection created by Julie de Libran (Marc Jacobs' studio manager) is a revival of the 60s and 70s with the ambiance of a St Germain des Prés drugstore. Sofia Coppola is the muse of the collection and I loved her small but yet present american take on this parisian era: Lurex thread on the small tweed vests, the paris monument prints and studded moccasins (the perfect mix between Weston and a certain Médor watch that Sofia owns) and the new Tic Tac color for the notorious SC bag! I took advantage of Sofia Coppola complimenting me on my bright pink manicure to ask her the following questions:

 Do you have a signature look ?

No I think when I am working I don’t want to think about it ! I like men’s button down shirt and I am happy that Julie made some nice & simple button down shirt.

How important is the accessory in fashion ?

It’s just fun, I love the jewelry and bag. I think  it’s fun for women, something they enjoy.

 Is there a link between directing a movie and creating a collection ?

Julie really created it but it’s the same thing for me it’s just having opinions and making décisions. You just say what you like and what you don’t like.