Urania Gazelli

There is a big buzz around your clutches on the internet, tell us more about your stories, how it all started ?

It all started about 4 years ago when I had the idea of making a clear plexiglass clutch so I asked my dad to help me on that! We have a family business in Greece were the last 28years my father has made big constructions using plexiglass so he has the know-how!! The funny part is that  I wanted the bag for my personal wardrobe! I was thinking since my bed is made of plexiglass and most of my furniture why not a bag?! So after wearing a couple of times in night outs, girls & even boys started asking me why dont I start my business with this idea? After a lot of research and couple of years working on shapes and techniques I made my first appearance in Paris Premiere Classe accessories trade show during fashion week! It was my small step in the big fashion industry!

How would you describe your clutches?

My clutches are ladies! I never call them as "it" even though they are objects! My "girls" or "gazellakia" are colorful, curvy, slick,fun, futurist and unique!

How long does it takes you to make one clutch ? For example a personalized one ?

It is a limited manufacturing because it is handcrafted that makes them unique! A clutch can take from 8 hours for the more simple ones – till 24 hours maximum-for the more special styles! Usually the personalized ones takes two days! The process is very slow for the styles like leopard, zebra, the Queen of Hearts etc. and it takes a lot of patience and working hours!

How do you like people to wear them ?

I dont think there is a certain style to wear most of my cluthes! In general I like to see happy faces with fashionable, stylish outfits combining my super fun clutches! In season AW2013 there are some styles with Swarovski stones which are totally evening bags so there you have to dress exceptional!

Tell us a bit about your personal style… ? 

I like to look feminine but without screaming out loud my outfit!

 If you open my wardrobe you will find girlie dresses, cool tshirts and lots of jeans! I like to give more attention to accessories-shoes, big statement necklaces, bags, headbands. 

I love high heels matched with ripped off jeans, a white T-shirt and one of my fluo clutch bags!

Who are the designers you are inspired by ?

From industrial designers I admire deeply Karim Rashid and Philippe Starck! Because of my studies in industrial design i was very much inspired by them!

Where do you go online for inspiration? 

Ever since Instagram exploded with fashion bloggers and brands I strongly believe that I'm addicted and need rehab! However I still keep visiting in daily basis Style.comWWD.comthecoveteur.com., Pinterest.com. However I still keep buying tons of magazines because I love the printing way and the smell of the ink! There are pictures online that if I see them printed they might inspire me more! There is magic in books and magazines. Magic that doesn't exist online!

What is your favorite shopping spot ?

I would say definitely Paris and to be more specific, I go straight to Le Bon Marche and next stop Colette!!! Best places to be!