La Première

The Chanel " Première watch " is synonymous With Coco Chanel universe With the iconic Place Vendôme (and  the Chanel number 5 bottle).

The details on the bracelet bring the perfect twist to this "couture" piece".

It is also one of my favorite watch. I remenber when the " Première " first came out in 1987 I was just starting to really be interested into fashion magazines. At That Time,  Glamour magazine was about to launch the first glossy french magazine that I started to buy: everything was young, fun with that very french " audace" and the editorials where just the same: a mix of High end with pieces such as the Chanel Première watch but mixed with brands like Petit Bateau and other colourful accessories.

If you are in Paris I recommend you to visit the Chanel première boutique 19, rue cambon. An entiere Space dedicated to this now classic watch. You Will find different versions of the Première: mini or maxi, gold or silver, with or without diamonds … If I had to pick just one it would be almost impossible to choose…