Dior Côté Atelier

Exclusively for VeePost, The PR of the Dior Jewelry fashion house invited me to see how the last jewelry collection, Bois de Rose, created by Victoire de Castellane, the artistic director, is fabricated.

Rendezvous booked on a Tuesday morning with the head of a Dior fashion house workshop on Lafayette St in the IXe arrondissement, and here I am at the heart of the creation process of Bois de Rose (I recommend clicking on the photos and reading the captions underneath). I learnt that in the jewelry world, time spans were not the same as in RTW, because you need several months if not a year to create a mock-up, which resembles Victoire de Castellane’s initial drawing. Once the mock-up is approved you need a week to create the mold and another week to start the production of the jewelry, which will individually be handmade and will then make its way to Place Vendome or in the fine jewelry Dior boutiques around the world after several quality checks. Various specialists will verify each piece: the founder, the jeweler, the jewel setter and the polisher. I must admit I was stunned by the perfect equilibrium between the handmade crafts and Victoire de Castellane’s demands for quality for the Dior fashion house, which turns out to be same as for Fine Jewelry pieces.

I came out amazed and stunned by this poetic and technical universe, because we too often forget the manual labor, which distinguishes luxury fashion houses. Yes! All the pieces appear to be identical but they are all accurate and unique pieces!!